The Intense Life of the ‘Carrier Pigeon’

Essentially a Homing pigeon with further training, the Carrier Pigeon has historically led a very intriguing life. Living a life of servitude, this pigeon has been trained to fly between two destinations reliably and without failure. With the advent of tiny backpacks that can be strapped to the back of carrier pigeons, these little birds can fly bravely through the skies to deliver everything from necessary research vials to illegal drugs to inmates in prison!

Most carrier pigeon enthusiasts will be aware of their valiant efforts to deliver messages and vital intelligence to troops and spies throughout both World Wars. It was an ingenious use of the carrier pigeon’s ability to track back and forth between two specified locations and proof of their devotion to the task.

Over many years the pigeon carrier and messenger have been revered for their diverse applications, you can use these brave little birds for just about anything. Children that are interested in the carrier pigeon have been know to train one or two to fly to their best friend’s house and deliver messages. In a world where technology allows us to interact with just about anyone instantly, the carrier pigeon was a fun way to expand on the basics of communication long before texting and instant messages came into being.

Hospitals and research institutes have routinely used carrier pigeons to deliver vials of fluids, blood, and other research essentials several times per day. This method of immediate delivery has proved to be faster than any mail delivery service, and also cheaper and quicker than a typical bicycle messenger. Scientific test results and new ideas have been shared using these little birds that have ultimately saved lives and changed lives for the better.

The carrier pigeon has been used for less than ideal purposes as well. Prison inmates have been known to receive regular delivery of illegal drugs while serving prison sentences. This has enabled some of the more powerful prisoners to maintain their position over the rest of the inmate population through the distribution of illegal narcotics.

The same principle was put to good use in Germany as the delivery of medication to elderly and very ill patients could be handled within absolute time lines in order to provide relief from serious illness and painful conditions. The carrier pigeon was given the medication to transport, and so a daily delivery of strong medications like morphine could be distributed to dying patients reliably and without delay.

What makes these pigeons so interesting is that they can be trained to deliver messages between two locations with surprising accuracy. It’s as though these great little birds are equipped with an internal stop watch helps them to accurately keep their appointments.

It goes without saying the carrier pigeon’s life has been one of great service to humanity. We still engage the carrier pigeons in many different tasks. While we often turn toward electronic technology to make sure that we can get our point across and our messages and deliveries through, the unassuming carrier pigeon can deliver with confidence over and over again, even when there is a power failure or other breakdown in communications.

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