Pigeon Breeds

The list of pigeon breeds is seemingly endless. Domesticated pigeon breeds create over half of the more than 600 various types of pigeons found around the world. Most of the domestic pigeon breeds are bred for show and ornamental purposes. A few are bred for homing or stock purposes.

Pigeon breeds vary mostly by color, size, and feather shape. Some breeds, like the English Pouter barely resemble the typical shape of the traditional pigeon. Other breeds look exactly like the pigeons we see in the parks and on the boardwalks but offer a wide range of color. The fantail pigeon is named for the fanning tail that resembled a peacock shape, yet the pigeon’s body remains unchanged.

With the wide variety of pigeon breeds available it generally takes a little research to discover which breed is right for you and your intentions. If you are looking for a unique pet, in all likelihood you would enjoy the rather traditional looking but regal Archangel Pigeon. If you want to enter your pigeons in shows, you might want to look toward some of the less popular and more unique pigeon breeds available.

The care requirements for each pigeon breed may change some, depending on the origin of the type of bird you want and their dietary needs. Some breeds are more elusive while others bond with their humans almost immediately. Careful research is recommended before you select your favored breed to ensure that you and your pigeon are a good match for each other.

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