Pigeon Clocks

Pigeon clocks are a rather simple device used to time pigeon races. In pigeon races, the birds are taken from their home stop and are released for their homing experience. The pigeons are then timed with a regulation pigeon clock in order to determine a winner. Using pigeon clocks that are too old, outdated, or fail to meet the general regulation requirements often means disqualification if another pigeon clock can not be provided. Clocks are checked by officials in order to be sure that all are calibrated appropriately and are fit for the purposes involved in the race.

Pigeon clocks are also unique collectible items that are gaining in popularity. For some people, old or antique pigeon clocks are the item of interest rather than the actual pigeons or the race itself. Pigeon clocks have been around for well over one hundred years and the sport of pigeon racing has gone through new developments to keep up with the changes in homing training.

Pigeon clocks can be found in a number of locations. While you can purchase pigeon clocks online, you might want to check with a local breeder or a local club to find a regulation dealer. Buying pigeon clocks online can often lead to surrendering a race if it does not meet current standards. Many people use online sales to get rid of the belongings that they no longer have a use for, including outdated equipment. If you are planning on using your pigeon clock for official entries in pigeon races, it is best to have the most updated equipment and to be sure that it meets with the current standards. Your local pigeon club or breeder should be able to help you determine the condition of your pigeon clock.

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