Pigeon Clubs

Pigeon clubs are local or national organizations dedicated to the purpose of celebrating pigeons, their owners, and the events associated with pigeons. For pigeon fanciers, clubs are more than a means of socialization but are also a necessary and convenient method of finding and distributing pertinent information.

There are numerous pigeon clubs throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and around the world. These clubs often sponsor pigeon races, pigeon shows, and of course offer pigeon paraphernalia. In exchange for all the convenient communication, access to shows and races, and the socialization, the pigeon clubs charge a nominal fee to become a member. Anyone can join, provided they have some sort of vested interest in pigeons, even if they do not own one.

Here’s a few links to well know pigeon clubs around the world:

National Pigeon Association

Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club

Los Angeles Pigeon Club

Some pigeon events require that all participants become a member of the pigeon club in order to be permitted to participate. Others simply host events and hope to attract memberships in that manner.

A good pigeon club will offer a full array of member services. After all, there are all kinds of pigeon fanciers and many do not share an interest in racing or in shows. This means that the strongest pigeon clubs are able to offer a full scale service to any pigeon fancier regardless of their interests. Obviously, it doesn’t serve a pigeon fancier very well to join a racing organization when they are only interested in pigeon shows.

Many of today’s pigeon clubs were started as early as the 1900’s and have thriving ever since. While often unknown to those who do not cultivate beautiful or fast pigeons, these clubs have served as the hub of breeding information for over a decade. The inception of the internet has made pigeon clubs even more valuable. With the internet pigeon clubs can communicate anything from an upcoming event to an epidemic illness threatening the domestic pigeon population. This information has helped many pigeon owners offset the oncoming illness with urgent medical attention during the incubus stage of the illness. In this respect, pigeon clubs have saved many pigeon lives.

The National Pigeon Association is perhaps the most important and largest of all the pigeon clubs. This is the organization that determines and publishes the standards for everything from breeding and show requirements to the requirements for the pigeon clock used in today’s pigeon racing. The National Pigeon Association is also the pigeon club that brings the largest annual pigeon show to the country. Every year, the location for the venue is changed, but the 9000 or so attendees generally find a way to make it no matter where it is being held. Anyone who is into pigeon shows makes the National Pigeon Association Show a priority.

As pigeons become more popular, we are seeing a steady increase in the availability of pigeon clubs. These clubs, while they might be new, offer a wide range of services to the pigeon fanciers in their area. These clubs have become ever more popular with each passing year. No matter what information you are seeking, a pigeon club should have the answer.

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