Pigeon Decoys

There are all different types of pigeon decoys to suit your needs. Decoys, as the definition would suggest, are lure devices used to bring the pigeons to you in a timely and efficient manner. Just like any other decoys, the technology and design features must change every year or so because pigeons rapidly pick up on the fact that the decoys are just that. Pigeons are much smarter than many humans give them credit for, and hunting with outdated decoys is not likely to yield a very high return.

In order for pigeon decoys to work, you have to know which one to use, when, and why. You have to understand how the pigeon works and how it is going to land. When you create your decoy patterns, you have to take into account not just the wind direction but where you are going to hide as well. The ultimate position is hiding with your back to the wind while you pigeon decoys are placed about 15 yards away. The pigeon lands head into the wind direction, so your decoys need to reflect this type of arrangement.

You can go about the process with pigeon decoys that look like pigeons just sitting on the ground or you can get pigeon decoys that fly around in circles, peck at the ground like they are eating, and even those that walk in random patterns and motions. Many people opt for a combination of pigeon decoys in order to create a realistic scene as to not be figured out quite so quickly.

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