Pigeon Fanciers

Pigeon fanciers, in the broadest definition, refers to anyone who truly appreciates the pigeon. For the most part this title goes to pigeon breeders, those who own pigeons to enter in shows or races, and those who own pigeons as prized and cared for pets. Often within the social circles of pigeon fanciers, there is a distinction between a pigeon pet owner and a fancier. Pigeon fanciers generally have more than just one or two pigeons and they are heavily dedicated to creating the absolutely best possible environment and lifestyle around their pigeons. Those who choose to breed their pigeons for fun rather than profit fit the purest definition of pigeon fanciers.

Pigeons were unfairly dubbed the dumbest of all birds simply because they dwell in the city. Pigeon fanciers know that these birds are highly intelligent and that they are capable of performing well in shows and races and are capable of high levels of binding. Just like some people become fascinated with pet rats, cats, or dogs, a pigeon fancier is one who understands the pigeon’s plight and responds to it with care and compassion.

The raising of pigeons is a full time job in many respects. This is something to be considered if you have been a pigeon admirer and are considering moving into the realm of pigeon fancier. While the pigeons themselves make fabulous companions, special care must be provided well before you engage in any travel plans or if you become ill and can not care for your pigeons properly.

All pigeons, regardless of the reason you have chosen to raise them, require adequate care and living space. These are not creatures that should be randomly held up in a cage for weeks on end, but these are living beings that look to you to provide more than just their food and shelter. If you are dedicated to the process and the pigeons, you can not expect your pigeons to become flexible. Rather, you must be sure that the pigeons needs are met every day regardless of other activities.

Whether you fancy show pigeons, fancy pigeons, or racing pigeons, the world of pigeons offers a lot in return. As your pigeons mate and raise their own young, your continuing role in their life becomes increasingly beautiful. As your pigeon family develops, you will get to witness the various personalities and the true image of the pigeon time and again. As pigeons become more popular in domestic situations, there are more opportunities to find uniquely bred birds locally.

Pigeon fanciers are a true breed, and each individual has their own niche and preferences. The internet and clubs have done much to help bring groups of pigeon fanciers together to exchange ideas, breeding techniques, and simply enjoy the process of appreciating one of the most interesting domesticated birds. If you are interested in becoming a pigeon fancier, do your homework so that the final outcome is one that benefits both you and the birds as you learn to appreciate and balance out the responsibility with the reward.

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