Pigeon Food

Not all pigeon food is created equal and not all pigeons will eat the same food. While pigeons on the street are more than happy to scoff up a your leftover pretzel salt of that French fry that has fallen to the wayside, a domesticated pigeon is going to need much more than a few bits of bread and some hand me down popcorn.

The best place to acquire pigeon food is from the breeder or from a specialty store. There is a common misconception among new pigeon owners that they can feed their new buddy some meal worms and snails. While there are some pigeons that can eat such stock, most pigeons can’t. Those who can eat them still need a much more complex diet that consists of grains rather than live meat. Pigeons are rather discerning birds and they require an interesting diet that offers them a lifetime of health. Offering them a diet of perpetual left over food from your plate isn’t the healthiest way to feed your pigeon. Poor diet is one of the fastest ways to shorten a pigeon’s lifespan and quality of life.

No matter breed of pigeon you bring home, the pigeon food that you buy should have a combination of wheat. It should also contain a rather high ratio of dried field peas. Dried peas are the number one food on a pigeon’s list for dietary health and flavor. Pigeon food that adds in red and white millet, hard wheat, milo, oat groats, hemp seed, maple peas, and canary grass seed will offer your pigeon a well balanced and healthy diet that is rich in flavor, nutrition, and interesting textures.

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