Pigeon Shows

Pigeon shows are a time for pigeon fanciers to get together and show off their unique and fancy pigeons in a competitive atmosphere. Very much like the principles of a dog show, a pigeon show is dedicated to finding the breed of pigeon that most closely resembles the standards which have been set forth. There is a winner for each category of pigeon and of course a rigorous judging experience to determine that winner.

Before you enter the pigeon show, you have to spend ample time training your pigeon to sit in the standard competitive positions, be touched and handled by judges, and to tolerate the stress of the atmosphere. Well trained and well socialized pigeons tend to handle the stress very well while under trained and under socialized pigeons tend to get very upset.

When you arrive at the pigeon show you will be assigned a showing location and you will want to make sure that your pigeon or pigeons are looking their absolute best. Clean their feet and make sure that there are no loose feathers. Many pigeon fanciers have dedicated supplies to help keep their show pigeons looking top notch and performing admirably.

Pigeon shows also offer a good opportunity to meet with other pigeon fanciers and to learn more about the breeds of specific pigeons. Many people who are merely considering getting into pigeon raising attend shows and ask a lot of questions. As a pigeon fancier, this is a great opportunity to show off your birds and help someone else make a decision about which type of pigeon is best for them. The social aspect, the competitive atmosphere, and the fun keeps pigeons and their respective humans returning year after year looking for the big win.

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