Pigeon Supplies

The type of pigeon supplies you will need will in part depend on the type, and number, of pigeons you are going to raise. If you are bringing home just one ornamental pigeon your set up of pigeon supplies will include a cage, food and water, basic grooming supplies like water bottle misters, and cage cleaning supplies. If you are looking to start breeding a large group of homing pigeons you are going to need a loft, a larger amount of food, a method to clean the loft, and training supplies.

Most of your pigeon supplies can be obtained through a breeder, pigeon supplier or through a specialty store. Of course, you can always order your pigeon supplies online. When ordering pigeon supplies online, thoroughly check out the websites and their dedication to providing high quality supplies. One of the best ways to determine whether the website offers high quality pigeon supplies is to check out what they offer as pigeon food. You should be able to find food that carries a high level of dried peas, a low ratio of corn, and an adequate mix of hard wheat, milo, and other wheat based ingredients. The food should not include insects, meal worms, or snails.

Your pigeon supplies need to match your intentions with your pigeon. There is no need to have a huge outdoor loft built for one ornamental pigeon, while it is unsanitary to keep 50 pigeons crammed in one large cage in a corner of your bedroom. Researching the breed of pigeon will easily clarify the exact pigeon supplies you need to bring home.

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