Tumbler Pigeon

The Tumbler Pigeon is a direct descendant of the Rock Dove, and has been a domestic breed of pigeon that has been one of the favorites for centuries. One of the popular breeds at pigeon shows, the Tumbler Pigeon is aptly named for its ability to “tumble” while it is flying. This means that it can tumble from side to side as well as provide entertaining tumbles backward while in flight. It is suggested that this was originally a survival skill developed to avoid birds of prey through their flying technique.

Tumbler Pigeons come in a wide range of varying specialty breeds, colors, body types, and feather configurations. While they make excellent show pigeons, they have gained popularity for their personality and their antics and have transitioned into the world of making a good pet for bird lovers.

Tumbler Pigeons can be found all over the world and can be purchased from a breeder. Tumbler Pigeons are still an evolving breed. While the original tumblers have been around since before the 1500’s the breed has been specifically bred to bring out the most unique features and coloration possible. Many Tumbler Pigeon enthusiasts are able to bring a new level of interest to these little guys as many are now training them to perform flying demonstrations, often in groups, to increase public interest in the breed. For anyone seeking out one of the more interesting and personable pigeon breeds, the Tumbler Pigeon should definitely be on the short list.

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