White Pigeon

The White Pigeon is often known as the release dove for events such as weddings or sporting events. While it looks very much like a dove, the White Pigeon is a specialty breed of homing pigeon. Whereas releasing a large number of doves into the air during events is likely to strand hundreds of doves in the wild unable to care for themselves, White Pigeons can be released and are likely to find their way home.

The White Pigeon has increased in popularity for such ceremonies as public education has increased regarding dove release. Many White Pigeons are also bred specifically for pigeon racing. It is not safe to assume that just because a pigeon is white in color that it is bound for racing or for release, as many pigeon breeds offer a white variety. However, racing pigeons and homing pigeons that are white are the same breed of bird. The racing pigeons are weaned out for their exceptional speed and homing ability. The homing pigeon that isn’t used for racing is often kept and bred as a ceremonial pigeon. The difference lays entirely in the pigeon’s speed and ability to find its way home in the shortest distance possible.

White Pigeons are, in fact, very beautiful and are quite often mistaken for doves by the public. There are types of white colored pigeons that can be purchased as companions while most people who purchase homing or release pigeons do so for recreation or business purposes.

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